Resident Stories

Posted: Thursday, May 1st, 2014 by Colleen Algeo in

Here’s what our residents are saying:


Jerry & Patricia Litschi

I was past eighty years old and my lovely bride was … thirty nine!
(Well that is what she said! … and she wouldn’t lie.) We considered our lives were winding down, and we thought we would relieve the “kids” of the work and worry of caring for aging parents.

We chose to reside at the Peter Becker Community. We very quickly realized that our lives were not “winding down,” but were in fact revitalized.

We had friends and neighbors during our 50 years of residence in the Lansdale area but, at Peter Becker Community, friends and neighbors are FAMILY. Among the administration, support staff and residents, no one is a stranger.

As for life winding down, forget it! There are so many activities, plus opportunities for volunteering to help others, that there is no thought of “winding down.”

Pat and I could not be happier or more content. I expect, when I get “old,” I will recall with satisfaction our decision to join this community.


Jim & Gloria Rich

Life at Peter Becker Community is great, like being on vacation all the time. Lunch in the Café is a good place to meet with friends or entertain visitors. Eating dinner in the dining room is the social hour of the day. It is a great way to make new friends and get to know your neighbors. The food is very good and the menu has multiple choices so it meets the needs of anyone dining each day.

The style of our apartment here in Maplewood Estates is one of the main reasons why we chose to live here instead of any other retirement community. The building is new, of solid construction, tastefully decorated and well maintained. We have friends living here who spoke very highly of the community and told us not to wait. They encouraged us to move in now while we are young enough to take advantage of all that this style of living offers.

There are many activities every day and you can get involved in anything you like. If you want to be alone you don’t need to get involved in anything. Our visitors and family tell us the atmosphere here is very relaxing. If you have special skills or talents you have many opportunities to use them by volunteering or by getting involved in the many clubs. You can also join a club and learn a new skill.

The staff is very friendly and always attentive to our needs. They provide many special activities like a Cook Off, the Flower Show, Talent Show, Volunteer Dinner and the most recent, “Renew Your Wedding Vows,” plus many others.

The residents are friendly, look out for each other and often help each other with things such as rides to doctor’s appointments and help with computer problems.

We are always happy to have visitors to show off this beautiful place. Most of them say “I want to live here.” This is as close to worry free living as it gets. Our family does not have to worry about our care as we age and the best part is we got to choose where we wanted to live.