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Fundraising Events

Posted: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 by Connie Maurer in

Creative, award-winning events  for all to enjoy

In addition to sponsorship opportunities, each event is also an opportunity for people to make a contribution to support the work of Peter Becker Community.  The Peter Becker Community Golf Outing raises money for the Benevolent Fund.  Each year, on the first Monday in October, golfers and sponsors have a great opportunity to have a fantastic experience while supporting  a great cause.  There are various levels of financial commitment and time investment from sponsorships, to advertisements in the book, to signs at the tees, to playing 18 holes or buying a Mulligan.  Our Golf Outing raises funds while providing a great time.

The focus of the Benevolent Fund Dinner is naturally, the Benevolent Fund.  Each year there is a fun theme that is carried through contests, games and activities that lead up to the dinner.  Delightful decorations, photo ops, special music, original skits and delicious food add to the fundraising purpose of the evening.  Funds raised through this event are used to help us continue to care for those residents who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their resources.  We have never asked anyone to leave Peter Becker Community for inability to pay.

The Annual Flower Show is an award-winning event that truly involves every area and segment of our campus, including residents, volunteers, corporations and people from all over our region.  The Auxiliary receives the voluntary donations and in turn has contributed more than one million dollars for a variety of projects at Peter Becker Community.  In addition to a voluntary entrance donation, individuals often make a contribution toward the memorial and commemoration displays that honor special family members and friends.

Your support of these events can be a fun and an easy way for you to support our mission. Please contact David Merrick, VP of Mission Support, at 215-703-4015 to learn more.