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2017 Flower Show Stops Time – PHOTO GALLERY

Posted: Thursday, March 30th, 2017 by Colleen Algeo in Events

Time Travel was the Muse of the 2017 Flower Show at Peter Becker Community

The “It’s About Time” Flower Show transported guests through inventive displays telling stories of the future and the past. Artfully designed time machines were integrated into each exhibit. Guests could head to a future garden in 2054, a victory garden in 1944, a magical moment in childhood, to a bohemian garden in 1971 and to the place where time began, The Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve by far received the most reactions from the crowds. One of our guests was overheard saying, “What an alluring way to tell that story.”

There was lots of intergenerational appeal with multitudes of flowers and nods to science fiction’s most intriguing inventions. Peter Becker Community’s homegrown microgreens even starred in the sustainability focused future garden. We received many compliments and covetous “Well, why didn’t I think of that” comments.

Thanks to exuberant volunteers, floral exhibits were expanded to Maplewood Estates to enrich the Spring Marketplace experience. The crowds, seemingly bigger than prior years, got a glimpse of the talent and vitality of the people who live and serve here.

Suzanne Owens, President/CEO of the community, welcomed guests throughout the 3-day event. She especially noticed the happiness of residents showing family members around the event. “Many returned every day with someone new. The Flower Show is the pride of the community and it’s exciting to be a part of it. We are engaging residents, families and the local community on a whole different level.”  Overall, we rate the show as a timeless experience.

The Flower Show Senior Art Contest Winners:

Best of Show Howard Dickinson
Fine Art First Place Don Smith
Fine Art Second Place Frank Batson
Fine Art Third Place Esther Ruth Shisler
Fine Art Honorable Mention Esther Ruth Shisler
Photography First Place Arnold Winkler
Photography Second Place Arnold Winkler
Photography Third Place Arnold Winkler
Photography Honorable Mention Howard Dickinson


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