Social Accountability

Posted: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 by Barb Keller in

We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen.

We provide staff and building resources to more than 35 nonprofit organizations each year, and our annual “Online Charity Auction” enlists the partnership of more than 300 area businesses to raise funds designated for community service.

On any given day, groups of residents and staff of Peter Becker Community are planning, coordinating and implementing acts of kindness. Volunteer programs at the community range from those that help residents support one another to those that reach out to one of the many area nonprofit organizations we support, with programs that include aiding local food banks, knitting caps for premature babies, supporting little league teams and more.

We know that building community beyond our campus is good for everyone.

As an organization, we also offer many resources to area nonprofits such as a place to meet at no charge, funding for essential programs, support for the arts, participation in charity events, repair and preparation of homes for transitional families, leadership and staffing, and more. We do it all to gladly fulfill our own mission to be a responsible and involved corporate citizen.

A few examples of ways we support our local community: