Wellness (On-Campus YMCA)

Posted: Thursday, May 1st, 2014 by Barb Keller in

Engaging wellness activities and services

Wellness means many things to many people. At Peter Becker Community, we believe that it’s all about you – what wellness means to you. Our wellness activities and services offer a range of options that will meet your needs and interests, and help you reach your goals.

Our wellness program includes:

Medical Suite

  • A nurse is available during hours to perform blood pressure checks, receive lab scripts, assist with dressing changes, provide consultations regarding new medications, obtain information on specialists and update health information
  • Available services include on-site physician visits, lab draws and podiatry, audiology and optometry services

 Support Staff

  • Support staff are available to assist with aging in place, community resources and coordination of home care services

 Rehabilitation Services

  • Offers physical, occupational and speech therapy on campus
  • Ensure that your transition home is a smooth one following a short-term stay in health care

 Life Enrichment Opportunities

  • Promote fellowship and socialization through trips, clubs and recreational opportunities
  • Exercise classes including Core Fitness, Tai Chi, and Stretch and Tone

 Membership to Indian Valley YMCA

  • Campus residents enjoy the amenities of an on-site YMCA including exercise classes and aquatics programs
  • Fitness orientation is available for beginners

Click here to visit the YMCA website.