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Vital Difference Makers

Posted: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 by Jeff Miles in

Vital Difference Makers at Peter Becker Community

Our residents have hearts committed to making helping others. Many of our residents are Veterans who helped to fight for our freedom. Entrepreneurs, through honesty forged successful business. Scientists, nurses, teachers, pastors, and police officers, who used their roles to help others. Now they serve as involved grandparents, service club members and church leaders. In all these rolls they are encouraging helping and supporting others.

At PBC this vital difference is seen through volunteering to drive fellow residents to appointments, working in the gift and thrift shops, making beds in the nursing area, working in the wood-shop and hundreds of hours helping with events. It is also seen in the generous financial support our residents donate to our memory care program and the benevolent fund.

Here are some great stories of PBC residents making a Vital Difference.

Vital Difference Maker Story – Pat Bub




Vital Difference Maker Story – Rita Fox




Vital Difference Maker Story – Tom Riethof