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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct 

The success of the Peter Becker Community’s Compliance and Ethics Program depends on our commitment to act with integrity, both personally and as an organization. As a TEAM MEMBER, your duty is to ensure that the organization is doing everything practicable to comply with applicable laws. You are expected to satisfy this duty by performing your responsibilities in accordance with professional standards, the regulations guiding our business practices, and our policies and procedures.

We use the term TEAM MEMBER to define the various individuals who are associated with Peter Becker Community. All individuals, including employees, contractors, volunteers, directors, and officers are members of our team in providing care and services to our residents. We use the term Resident to refer to individuals who receive the various types of healthcare and other services that we provide.

Compliance Official – Susan Plaugher, Director of Human Resources  – 215-256-9501

Your Compliance Officer

Karla Dreisbach, CHC, CHPC


Toll-Free Compliance Line


Any questions regarding the policies in this Code of Conduct, compliance policies, or related references, should be directed to your immediate supervisor, the Compliance Official, a member of the Compliance Committee, or the Compliance Officer.

Download Peter Becker Community’s Code of Conduct 2020 [PDF]