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Color your Life with Engaging Things to Do

Dining on Campus

The Dining Services team at Peter Becker Community is hard at work every day creating new ways for people to experience food. In our new monthly guide, you can read the latest about what’s happening in the community’s food scene. Download your copy and get to know each of our four distinct dining venues today.  Then join us at one of our restaurants. They are, after all, open to the public.

Contact the Marketing Department at 215-256-9501 to get the most recent edition of the CHIT CHAT sent to you.

Campus Activities

There are so many things to do at Peter Becker Community. Activities are tailored to community members. Each month a programming guide called the CHIT CHAT is distributed detailing the many outings, clubs, wellness classes, concerts, and activities.


Contact the Marketing Department at 215-256-9501 to get the most recent edition of the CHIT CHAT sent to you.

Resident Clubs

The Bridge Club, Pinochle Club, Billiards, Wii Tournaments, Travel Club, Book Club, Red Hats and others are hosted by residents and staff. Clubs encourage the diverse interests of our residents.

Spiritual and Faith Activities

We offer opportunities for residents to worship both in and outside the community. The on-campus chapel holds weekly services, Bible study, hymn sings, visiting church fellowship hours, Sunday School classes, indoor and outdoor labyrinths, visits from community chaplain or local clergy, Sunday services & church services airing on the PBC television channel.

Trips and Outings

Small and large group outings provide residents with ways to socialize and take in a variety of different experiences. Look forward to trips to museums, lunch excursions, concerts, scenic drives, shopping, local attractions and more.  You need only to take a look at the CHIT CHAT (in the viewer above) newsletter for this month’s excursions.

Fitness Activities

Free membership to the on-campus YMCA is included in our resident package, plus ongoing monthly wellness activities such as bocce ball, shuffleboard, Wii golf, bowling and tennis competitions, balance class, chair yoga, walking club, and much more. Offered daily, there is always an opportunity to increase wellness and fitness.


Music nurtures the spirit, creates connections, reminds us of something sweet and brightens our days. Examples: Sing-a-longs, Hymn Sings, Name That Tune, Live Entertainment.

Arts and Craftsmanship

Encouraging creativity and opportunities for residents to express themselves are provided in a number of venues. Examples: Art Club, Event Crafters, Knitters & Needle Workers, Woodworking, Drawing, Sculpting, Arts & Crafts, Therapeutic Art.

Quilters and Quilt Design

Our quilters and quilt design clubs work in tandem to create beautiful and meaningful blankets and wall hangings. They are periodically available for sale.

Cognitive and Intellectual Activities

Residents are invited to a variety of activities designed to support mental awareness and cognition. Examples: Educational Programs, Current Events Discussions, Crossword Puzzles, Game Night, Bingo, Cards.

Nature and Outdoors

The fresh air and beautiful campus settings offer plenty of opportunities to be connected to the beauty in nature. These are spirit-enhancing activities. Examples: Community Vegetable Garden, Adopt a Flower Bed Program, Walking Paths, Gazebo Outlooks, Courtyards, Picnics, Bird Watching.


Each of our residents has a unique story and we encourage the sharing of these stories in a social environment. Examples: Memoirs Club, Sharing Photos, Afternoon Socials.


Integrating the senses into each activity promotes relaxation and well-being. Examples: Visiting Pets, Pet Birds, Music, Baking Bread, and Making Cookies.


Connections to younger generations can be a big and fulfilling part of resident life. Examples: Visits from the YMCA Day Care Children, Partnerships with Local Schools, Sponsorship of Little League Team.


There are two gift shops and a thrift shop on campus. Maple Corners Gift Shop is located in the Maplewood Estates Community Center and sells cards, gifts, snacks and seasonal items – open M-F 10-4. Ridgeview Gift Shop is located in Campus Center with gifts, cards, snacks, and grocery items – open M-F 10-4.  The Thrift Shop sells slightly used items – clothing, shoes, jewelry, household, and seasonal items – open M-Sat 10-4. All the stores are attended by volunteers. There are also shopping excursions taken into the greater community.


Our residents volunteer in a variety of stimulating services throughout the campus. Types of volunteer positions: Thrift Store,  Hospitality & Tours, Bed Making, Hydration Helpers, Fund Raising, Special Visitors, Gift Shop Sales, and many other important tasks. Read More About Volunteering.

CEO Chat

Every other month there is a Chat with the CEO, Suzanne Owens, for residents to comment or ask questions.

Resident Council

Residents from all over campus are represented in this organization that provides feedback to the leadership team. Officers and representatives are elected annually.

Seasonal and Theme Events

Holiday parties, luncheons, breakfasts, cookouts, and theme socials are part of our living and dining experiences.